Rates & Hours


$30/hr per player/per session. Contact us at (518) 456-4386 to set up a League of your own, must have at least 8 players. We will also have 6 week leagues for Men, Women, and Youth available.

Monthly Membership – $99 per month, first hour is included in Monthly Membership Price, then $25/hr (no peak or non- peak) Holidays excluded.
JV/Varsity Golf Team Membership – $59/month, first hour is included, then $25/hr for the rest of the month. Membership is required to book Hourly Simulator Time.

Get your Membership, Click Here.

We do weekly tours of the facility on Mondays starting at 5:00 pm. Email [email protected] to schedule a tour.

Classes & Lessons
Prices vary. See the lesson or class details page for the latest pricing.


3pm-9pm Monday-Sunday by appointment only