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Operation 36 is the most effective program to teach beginners to play golf

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Learning to play golf can be an overwhelming and frustrating experience if you don’t have a clear plan. provides beginners with the most effective developmental programs and technology to learn to play golf. Become a skilled golfer by following a motivating roadmap to shooting Par (36) or better for 9 holes!

How It Works

9 Holes with Op 36

Learn to play golf or develop your
skills even further using the
Operation 36 on-course divisions.
Designed to allow you to work on
the skills needed to pass each

Learn & Develop Skills

Attend our weekly fun and engaging classes with our supportive professional staff. Each week we will work on a new skill that will help you pass your on-course divisions and become a life-long golfer!

Train & Track Your Progress

Every participant and family gets
access to the Op 36 Golf app. This
will allow you to log when you play
and train, stay connected with our
staff, and become a part of our community.

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What is Operation 36?

Operation 36 is the most effective program to teach beginners to learn to play golf. It is a clear blueprint to go from complete novice to par golfer. The lessons are based around playing on the course right away and moving up in divisions. Lastly, the technology that they provide in the app is cutting-edge!  You can track all of your progress in the program through the Op36 Mobile app. 

In fact, PGA Tour Winner Will McGirt selected Operation 36 as the program for his children. He said, “Operation 36 is just a way better-structured program. The progression through the yardages and being play-based, everything is focused around playing golf.”
We can’t wait to share this new program with you through our Precision Golf Academy!

Junion Development Model

Did you know that Operation 36 is the only golf program that offers a Junior Golf Development Model.? Depending on your Junior’s goals, we will be able to track exactly where he or she is in relation to that goal.  

For example, if your teenager is considering collegiate golf, this model will show you and your golfer exactly where they should be at that age to play college golf. It is a wonderful tool, and you can read more about it here: https://operation36.golf/junior-golf-development-model/.  This is something that will be available to all families in the Operation 36 program.

  • Operation 36 is centered around on-course improvement

Rather than preparing for months to get to course play. We will be having our first 9-hole event in Week #2. All golfers will start at 25 yards from the green, rather than the tee box, giving the beginners an earlier chance for success.  We are all working together to beat the course and improve enough to shoot 36 or better.  

  • Weekly Small Group Classes with a Curriculum

Instead of the occasional clinic or lesson, our program will be offered weekly to increase practice and performance.  Our coaching staff will deliver the Operation 36 curriculum in a fun and social environment each week.  We will also participate in weekly games/activities to sharpen our skills with one another.

  • Earn points for playing/practicing and tracking progress

Participants will be able to log when they practice and play to earn points for their profile and our community.  We will compete with other communities around the world playing Operation 36 in monthly challenges.  The more we play and practice outside of class, the more points we earn and the higher we move up the leaderboard.  After each 9-hole event, the coaching staff will log your scores in the app which will help to track your progress in the program.

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